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PREMIER COMBINES, was set up as an organisation to manufacture electronic products, with modest beginnings in Chennai (at that time called Madras), Tamilnadu, India, in 1984. The manufactured items encompassed high frequency electronic ballasts for Fluorescent Tube lights, Compact Fluorescent lamps, High Pressure Mercury Vapour, High Pressure Sodium Vapour and Metal Halide lamps, electronic transformers for Halogen Lamps, electronic drivers for Neon lamps/lights etc., where power saving and high reliability, were of utmost importance.

Since its inception, the unit has been engaged in the manufacture of electronic ballasts under the brand name Kwiklite and is one of the leading players in India for all types of electronic control gear used in lighting. Kwiklite pioneered the use of electronic ballasts in railway coaches and today rolling stock application using these electronic ballasts, is quite substantial in India. Kwiklite is approved by the Research Design Standards Organisation, (RDSO) at Lucknow and is accepted as an excellent and well designed product by the Indian Railways, for 110V DC and 110V AC, driving 18W / 20W Fluorescent Tube Lights and Compact Fluorescent Lamps.

Some of the esteemed customers of PREMIER COMBINES, include the Indian Railways, Satyam Computers, Tata Consultancy Services, HCL, the American Embassy – Delhi, the American Embassy – Amman, Wheels India Ltd., Thorn Lighting (I) P. Ltd.,


Baliga Lighting Equipment Ltd., NMDC, HCL, Atomic Energy, etc.etc.. Our list of customers, with installation points who are satisfied, and actual users of the various Kwiklite products, is quite long and is available at this website. It is noteworthy that there are more than 800,000 Kwiklite electronic ballasts in use throughout India and elsewhere in the world, saving precious energy for the future.

PREMIER COMBINES, has now paved the way for users in India, to seriously consider energy saving electronic control gear for all types of lighting. It is now a brand name to reckon with, and has slowly but surely become a leading manufacturer in this field. It is now engaged in the process of consolidating its market share in India and expanding its exports to other countries, further.

The organisation with a view to increasing its brand consciousness and marketing base, has decided to streamline its design and manufacturing processes, by installing work practices of excellence, in all its areas. As a first step in this direction of uniformity and quality policy, the production unit has been following the ISO 9001 : 2008 plan and has since been awarded certification by no one less than the Guardian Independent Certification Ltd.

Customer care and an excellent rapport with them, is part of the work culture and marketing effort at PREMIER COMBINES, and it's brand name Kwiklite has been accepted by all users as a synonym for quality and service. This is the sole objective of Team PREMIER COMBINES, and as an organisation, this attitude that “Our Customer is not just a King, but an Emperor” is bound to help us reach the top rung of the ladder of success.